भद्रक (ओडिशा )में व्ही आई पी को राखी बांधी

Bhadrak,Odisha-18 August tying Rakshi at centre ,Rajyogi Bhagaban Bhaiji was present on the occasion,along with brothers & sisters .Sis. BK Manju tying Rakshi ,putting tilak & gave sweets & blessing cards to all.
Bhagban bhaiji explained the real meaning of rakshi.He told that rakshi is for peace &prosperity.telling sweet words is like eating sweets.feeling your real soul consciousness is like puttig tilak & give up all bad habbits & containing all virtues is like giving values of Rakshi.We all are children of supreme father God Shiva .so we are brothers & sisters.We shouldnot have criminal eye for sisters.Feel sisters as own sisters.This will be real respect to Rakshi.

भद्रक जिला के कलेक्टर श्री --लक्ष्मीनारायण मिश्र 1

भद्रक  (ओडिशा )में व्ही  आई पी को राखी बांधी 
 भद्रक जिला के कलेक्टर श्री –लक्ष्मीनारायण मिश्र
 लेखक श्री अभय सुतार
Tying Rakshi To Accountant R&B Bhadrak By BK  Sis.Manju
 Tying Rakshi To Hon’ble B.D.O,Bhadrak Bro.Sankarsan Behera
 Tying Rakshi to Brahaman by BK Manju along with him Bro.BK Bhagwan,Mt bu
 वरिष्ठ वकील श्री निराकार जेना
 साहित्यकार  श्री वेरेनद्र पण्डा